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Can’t get your digital presence in order? Let’s fix that. Conquer your digital content

Your social media presence is defined by what you decide to publish. That means you need to understand how to use your words to get your target to take action. That’s what digital marketing is all about.

With the right persuasive copy and the best actionable content, your audience will know what to do. You can stay true to who you are and what you do AND still sell.


Yes, Social Selling is a guide to content creation and production.

No, this bundle is simple enough for beginners to use and robust enough for experienced creators to find new insight. These tools are meant to make the processes of website copywriting and social media content creation easier.

Yes, you can purchase Website Copywriting Essentials and Social Selling individually in our shop.

What’s Website Copywriting Essentials?

This is an all-in-one workbook that teaches you how to write the perfect website copy. It’s filled with practical exercises and detailed guides for everything you need.

You’ll be able to:

  1. Find your target
  2. Understand how to communicate with your target
  3. Create a website structure that benefits you
  4. Carve out your own unique identity
  5. Write amazing copy for your home page, about me, services, landing pages & more!

Plus, this workbook comes with templates for you to create the best copy ever! These aren’t cut-and-paste templates, these are dynamic templates that give you a structure to make something unique.

This is an easy-to-follow workbook that anyone can use. It can be used digitally or printed to suit your needs.

What’s Social Selling?

Content creation matters. It’s how you tell your customers why you are the best. It tells customers how you solve problems. It sells. Social Selling gets to the nitty gritty of selling on social media by explaining the art of call-to-actions. When you harness the power of CTAs, you will be able to create actionable content that sells for you.

You’ll be able to:

  1. Use CTAs masterfully
  2. Create content in any form (text, video, audio, etc.)
  3. Create content for any platform
  4. Create organic campaigns on any social platform
  5. Connect words to action

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