Evergreen Universal Planner: Organize Your Life


Each collection has a Yearly Overview, Yearly Review, Monthly Overview (2 types), Weekly Overview, and a Daily Overview. The best thing about it is that is undated, so you can use them as many times as you want. You can create a planner with these pages and not worry about needing extra space.


This is for anyone who wants to organize their time or reclaim their life with a structure

No, this planner is not dated which means you can download it once and use it over and over again.

You can arrange your planner any way you like to create your own system.

It's both. It comes in 3 formats: US Letter printable, A5 printable, and a digitally editable PDF.

You can arrange your planner any way you like, but this is an effective arrangement:

  1. Yearly Overview
  2. Yearly Review
  3. Monthly Overview
  4. Weekly Overview
  5. Daily Overview (Repeat the last three)

The Yearly Overview sets the tone for everything to come. You can use it to list my monthly goals and expectations. Plans change all the time and it’s best to document the reality and not a glossy fantasy. The Yearly Review is completed after the year to examine your progress. You use it to reflect on what happened and how you grew.

A monthly system using either version of the Monthly Overviews will help you keep track of holidays, special events, appointments, deadlines and major timelines. You can prepare for everything and prioritize accordingly.

Weekly Overviews are very important for those with a busy schedule. You can take note of your weekly objectives, then break them down into large goals for the week. The habit tracker helps to manage your sleep, meditation, and self-care.

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The weekly section devotes half of a page for one day. You can assign daily goals for each day to streamline your priorities and make your to-do lists. By breaking each thing down into steps, you can manage your time better.

The Daily Overview is a versatile page. You can use this to fill in the gaps to manage unexpected occurrences. The most practical thing on my daily pages is the “Gratitude” section. You can use this to make a note of at least one thing you are grateful for; it is a simple way to productivity. By expressing appreciation for the things you are grateful for, you invite positivity into your life by having an optimistic view.

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